Euroflex – a line of water-soluble adhesives manufactured on the basis of synthetic and natural polymers, specially designed to fully meet a variety of customer needs.
These include:
2-series – adhesives for the production of cardboard sleeves and corners.
3-series – adhesives for the manufacture of paper bags and binding of books
4-series – adhesives for laminating
5-series – adhesives for the manufacture of cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes.
6-series – adhesives for the manufacture of paper hygienic products
7-series – Adhesives for the furniture industry
In this line alone is brand adhesive Powderflex PF2500 – is the glue to cardboard in the form of a dry powder, designed to reduce transport Transport costs.
Due to its versatility, in addition to basic applications, adhesives one series can perform the functions of other adhesives series, and not peculiar to this group function.
Therefore, please contact our specialists with your questions and requests, if you can not find the required adhesive is among those listed. We always help you.
Euroflex adhesive packaged in containers 10, 20, 30, and 50 kg capacity in volume per cubic meter.