Spiral winding paper tubes

Paper tubes (cores, spool, sleeves, bushing, cartridges) are traditionally used for winding various roll materials and as cylindrical containers for packaging bulk food and non food products. We understand that paper tubes – it’s the foundation, without which it is impossible to carry out quality products. Indeed, in many cases, the winding material in the hundreds and sometimes thousands of times more expensive. Therefore, agree that we should trust the tubes.

We monitor compliance with the indicators of strength and the correct geometry of tubes. We use raw materials, especially designed for paper tubes. And the fact that our customers are leaders in their industries, confirms our quality.

Enterprise “Alcore” produce paper tubes of sizes:
– inner diameter – from 28 mm to 600 mm
– wall thickness – from 1 mm to 13 mm
– length – from 5 mm to 4000 mm (by order up to 12000mm)
Depending on the requirements of your production we offer three grade of tubes, which would make optimal selection of price and quality:
– Extra – tubes of the highest strength;
– High – tubes of high strength;
– Standard – tubes of regular strength.

To complete your order, we need the following information:
– inner diameter;
– wall thickness;
– length of the tube;

At your request, on the surface of tubes can be deposited coordinates, company logo and other information by flexo.

We offer packaging tubes on pallets with locking they with stretch film and polypropylene tape, which ensures the integrity of the pallet. This package does not require large storage space, easily control, requires minimum time for loading and unloading machines and provides safety of the tubes during transportation over long distances.

We look forward to cooperate with you!